Krewe du Vieux Parade Tips 2004


There are two official Krewe du Vieux pre-parade parties and our Drips & Discharges pre-parade party too. The first is Friday, February 6, 3 PM to 9 PM at the State Palace Theater with free beer, cold drinks and sandwiches. We’ll be hanging our banner, reserving our seating and scoping out the Palace. You can also bring party supplies, i.e., liquor, to stash for Saturday. Soft ice chests only—no Larger than 6-pack size (you really don’t need ’em anyway because there will be free beer, soda, juice and coffee at the Doo; there will also be food for sale) and no glass. This will also be your last chance to purchase tickets to the Doo for your families and friends (but they will still be available at Louisiana Music Factory on parade day).

Pre-Party #2 for the Drips and Discharges is Saturday, February 7, from 2:00 PM until 4:00 PM at Acme Jen’s Art Gallery, 5700 Magazine Street (across from the Whole Food Grocery Store).  Drop your throws off at the Den of Muses beforehand (Friday night or Saturday morning), and cars near the State Palace, and catch a ride.  Bring refreshments & drinks.  Queen Coleen will be joining us at 2:30 pm, and the bus is scheduled to roll shortly after 4:00 pm.  We’ve chartered a school bus to take us to the parade line up. 

Pre-Party #3 is Saturday, February 7 at 4:00 PM at the Den of Muses, 2716 Royal Street between Port and St. Ferdinand (entrance around the back on Architect Street). Do not go to 511 Marigny Street—we are not lining up there this year. KdV will provide free beer and soft drinks. Be considerate of the folks in the neighborhood; they like us and we want to keep it that way. So stash your trash and pee in the designated areas (i.e., port-o-lets).



Wristbands will be distributed by Captain Amelie at the parade lineup. It’s up to you to find her and get your wristband. You must be wearing a “securely attached” wristband to parade and to get into the Doo. It’s also the only way to get into the Krewe area at the State Palace. You can lose your drinks, your drugs, your clothes, your mind, or your virginity, but do not lose your wristband. Do not “lend” your wristband to your friends to get them into the krewe area; if you’re caught, you’ll be permanently ejected from Krewe du Vieux.


Carpool or cab is best. If you’re driving, we recommend parking in the lots and garages near the State Palace. Do not try to park near the Den—there is no parking available (remember the part about being considerate of the neighbors). You can park near the Palace and get a cab by the Fairmont Hotel on University Place to go to the Pre-Parade Party (don’t forget the address—2716 Royal Street). You will be glad you parked near the State Palace when you stagger out of the Doo in the wee hours of the morning. On the other hand, if you’re really staggering, we suggest you take a cab.

Line-up & Parade

Parade line-up starts at 5:00 PM.  Krewe du Vieux members only!  Do not invite your friends to march.  (Do invite them to watch the parade and come to the ball—we need to sell those ball tickets, $20 each.)  We are the 12th float in the line-up, between THE sEEDS OF dECLINE and THE KREWE OF KAOS. Don’t forget the part about being considerate of the neighbors and not strewing trash about while we’re lining up and parading in the Marigny

We will once again attempt to parade with both our float and our band. Krewe members should be behind the float and in front of the band.  Do NOT go up front by the mule, remember the beer and jello shots are in the back!  Stay together as a group for maximum effect, though of course we do sometimes have to stray to visit with friends along the route, seduce new ones, accept and grant favors, etc.

Queen Coleen will be making two stops along the route: the first at Molly’s where former royalty will be gathered for a toast and the second at the Eighth District Police for a special presentation. Hopefully these stops will give the back of the parade a chance to catch up and help the parade stay together. There will also be NOPD (not security guards) both vehicular and pedestrian accompanying the parade to keep the crowds back and hopefully help prevent gaps. If anyone in the crowd grabs at you, or gives you trouble, you can ask them to chase the culprit away. They are our friends. Really! They know what we’re up to, but do be discreet.


The Lil Stooges Brass Band is marching with us again this year and plans to play some Michael Jackson tunes; don’t forget to encourage them and dance for them. We will have a cooler of drinks, which is reserved for the band; please don’t drink it, but do make sure the band is refreshed. Don’t worry, we’ve got Nate & Sebastian’s home brewed beer and jello shots for the krewe too. We have some money budgeted to tip the band, but we encourage everyone to contribute a little more so we can treat them generously. Tip money will be collected by band liaison & Captain Nate Graff anytime before the parade. We suggest $1 each for the band tip, but feel free to be more generous.

Personal Possessions

If you can’t afford to lose it, don’t bring it. Bring as little as possible with you and don’t bring anything you would mind losing. Leave your purse and fine jewels at home. We don’t have a lot of room on the float and we do have a lot of members, so bring only what you can carry. Don’t leave anything at the Pre-Parade Party or the Doo; they do a clean sweep after we leave, so anything left is gone.

Krewe du Vieux Doo

Krewe members enter through the first entrance on the Rampart Street side of the State Palace. This is the Krewe Entrance (look for the sign that says “KREWE”). You may bring in alcohol or food through this entrance only. No ice chests! The krewe entrance will be closed 30 minutes after the parade ends. After that, all entry will be through the front. Do not follow the band in the stage entrance—your wristband will be circumcised and you will not get in!!! There will be two bars with free beer, soft drinks and juice for krewe members—upstairs at the top of the krewe area and in the stage right balcony area. Although this is a private function, please be discreet when indulging in certain, um, activities. And do NOT try to sneak anyone into the krewe area; anyone caught doing this will get thrown out!

The State Palace has been doing some sprucing up including safety features. But the floors can get pretty slippery, so please watch your step, especially going up and down stairs.


If you have not gotten your button, cups or wooden nickles, or ball tickets for your friends, your last chance to get them will be at the State Palace Pre-Pre-Party on Friday, February 6. Ball tickets are also available at Louisiana Music Factory.

Final Word

If you’re confused about any of this or have any questions, call Amelie (606-1080) or Nate (234-5917) for explicit (!) instructions. And don’t forget to tell your friends and families to come out to the Krewe du Vieux parade and look for the Michael Jackson, aka Peter Pan, and the Krewe of Drips and Discharges.

This publication was adapted from the Krewe of TOKIN’s publication...the pipe dreamers.


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