The Krewe of Drips & Discharges 

Membership Policy & Procedures 


The Krewe of Drips and Discharges is a sub-krewe of the Krewe du Vieux parade organization.  We are an affiliation of friends, degenerates, Mardi-Gras revelers, fools and nutcases who are dedicated to one thing and one thing only – to have FUN! We are float-builders, painters, rhymers, decorators, cooks, schemers, writers, planners, beer brewers, tinkerers, drunkards, joint-rollers, jello-shot makers, and costume designers.  List any pursuit required to put on an incredible parade/float/all around “good time” with a group of 65 fascinating members – we do it. 


We meet multiple times throughout the year, with an increasing frequency the closer parade day gets. Initially, we meet to determine a theme for the year and to plan our activities. Then we start working on the float, costumes, throws, and any other hare-brained idea that suits our needs. This is interspersed with crawfish boils, fund-raisers, afternoons at the Den of Muses, and sometimes stripper performances, all of which frequently requires chugging a drink just to keep your sanity (or lose it, which might be better).  


Because the Drips are the best sub-krewe of the Krewe du Vieux (hear, hear), we are getting mighty popular. Last parade (2008) there were dozens of people out there just drooling to be a Drip. While in the past we’ve been able to offer membership to anyone who demonstrated the right amount of depravity, we have grown to a size that is likely to be our maximum. With the demand for membership ever increasing, we have been keeping a waiting list for people who want to get in. 


The straight-out waiting list process has shown to not really work for us. We’ve had people who show up and do a considerable amount of work with us on the float or on our events, who then did not get a membership because they were down too far on the list. On the flip-side, we’ve offered membership to people at the top of the list who then only show up on parade day. 


We’ve been busting our brains (in more ways than one) to try to come up with a fair and just way of giving out the few precious memberships that free up every year. Here’s what we wanted to achieve: 



We need to make these distinctions about membership:




Dues & Membership Calendar: 


  1. From August 1st to September 30th, any prior year member can purchase their membership for the upcoming KdV parade.  Any memberships not paid by September 30th will be offered to new “driplet” members.  There are no exceptions to the September 30th deadline.  You will know well in advance and be reminded several times before the deadline. 


  1. From October 1st to October 15th, any paid member can nominate one driplet.  A name and contact information must be provided at the time of nomination.  If a prior year member does not pay their dues by the September 30th deadline, they can nominate themselves to be placed on the waiting list.
  2. On October 16th or thereabouts, the Drips officers put all the names of the nominees into a hat and draw them out at random. 
    1. Driplet membership is given to the first names that are drawn, up to the number of open memberships. 
    2. A waiting list for temps is created based on the order of the remaining names that are drawn.
  3. Between October 16th and 1 week before parade day, the marching spot of any member that can’t march is offered to the temps in the order of the waiting list. Reimbursement of dues to be arranged between the member and the temp by themselves. Members can still place people’s names on the waiting list for temp spots, and these names will be added to the bottom of the list in the order they are received.
  4. In the last week before parade day, Drips officers are not responsible for finding replacements. If you drop out during this period, you relinquish your membership dues. We will provide you with a list of remaining temps if there are any - or if not, you can try to find your own replacement.
  5. At the Drips wrap up-meeting, the officers discuss whether the Driplets for this season have lived up to our (minimal) expectations. Those who did are offered full membership.


A few points about this process need to be noted: 




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