The Krewe of Drips & Discharges takes 2nd Place at the 3rd annual Krewe du Vieux Brewe Doo!

Krewe du Vieux Brewe Doo

September 19, 2003



The Social & Pleasure Committee came thru with Jello Shots & table decorations!

Nate & Sebastian had D&D’s brewes & Tipitina’s under control!

The Afro Brew Siac & Kumoniwannalaya began flowing, and the competition began!


Captains Amelie & Nate did a great job of kissing up to our Celebrity Judges, Mike, GiO and Antoinette, and we were thrilled when our own D&D celebrity showed up.

Welcome back Celia (who was responsible for making Big George in 1996)!


Thanks to all of our Drips & Discharges members who came to show their support –


and to wish Secretary, Pat, a Happy Birthday.

Pat’s birthday wish came true when everybody got leid!


Nate had a lot to smile about.  He did a fabulous job putting on this year’s

Doo for the Krewe du Vieux.  And the Social & Pleasure Committee

worked hard at selling Jello Shots.


Then came the big announcement - The Winner of the coveted KdV Brewe Doo trophy

(designed by D&D’s artist extraordinaire, Jennifer).

Alas, it went to the Krewe of Comatose.


 BUT – the Drips & Discharges came in 2nd Place for Nate’s famous Afro Brewe Siac.

And, since all you get for 2nd place is bragging rights, Nate was quick to point out

that he taught Comatose everything they know!


It was truly a night filled with bragging rights for the Drips & Discharges, topped off by our band, The Lil’ Stooges, providing the music entertainment.

Tipitina’s was Rockin’!



 Special thanks to the Social & Pleasure Committee, who raised $140 in

Jello Shot sales for the “Save Our Float” fund!


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